Considering starting your CFA® Program exam studies with the December 2019 exam?

We have a full range of flexible study options available:

  • Full classroom program - whether you study during the week, in the evening, or over the weekend, we have a classroom option that suits you. Gain access to the largest full-time instructor faculty in the industry, plus recieve immediate access to our adaptive online study portal and mobile app.
  • Online Learning - 24/7 access to your study materials, diagnostic performance reports, 3,000+ question bank, full mock exams and more. Our intuitive portal, Fitch Learning Cognition, helps maximize study time through a completely personalized study planner, targeted content to address your areas of weakness and regular Knowledge Checks to keep you on track.
  • Review courses and study aids - including our review study kit, intensive courses, 2-day review courses or full mock exams. 

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