The CFA charter is an elite designation, a benchmark for ethical standards and professionalism within the global financial community.

Gaining the CFA charter will show your dedication to achieving the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry and will showcase your extensive knowledge of the investment profession.


The CFA ® Program

The curriculum is divided into four major areas:

  • Ethical and professional standards
  • Tools and inputs for investment valuation and management
  • Asset valuation
  • Portfolio management

For more information visit the CFA Institute website.

The CFA Program has three distinct levels, each culminating in examination, which must be taken in order before moving on to the next level. Exam sittings run as follows:

  • Level I - February, May, August and November
  • Level II - May and November
  • Level III - May and November

Paper-based exams last 6 hours. From 2021 onwards, all exams will be computer-based. Each computer-based exam is 4.5 hours long completed over a morning and an afternoon.

Before you can apply for the CFA® Program, you must fulfil the following criteria set out by CFA Institute:

Meet the entrance requirements:

  • Have a bachelors (or equivalent) degree
    • Or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program at the time of registration*
    • Or have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related)
    • Or have a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years. Part-time positions do not qualify, and the four-year total must be accrued prior to enrollment.
  • Be sure you understand the Professional Conduct Statement and Candidate Responsibility Statement.
  • Be prepared to take the exams in English.
  • Have a valid international travel passport (required for exam registration and admission to the test center). Read the ID policy.

For further details, please visit the CFA Institute website

To book your exam you will need to register directly with CFA Institute. You must complete and sign a Professional Conduct and Candidate Responsibility Statement and pay an exam registration fee and an enrollment fee (first exam only).

For more information on the exam fees and to apply online, visit

Having applied for and successfully completed all three levels of the exams, there are some other requirements to fulfil before gaining the charter:

  • Have four years of acceptable work experience (gained before, during or after the exam phase)
  • Join the CFA Institute as a member by:
    1. Submitting a professional conduct statement
    2. Providing current, completed sponsor forms
    3. Signing a certification form agreeing to comply with the terms of the Members’ Agreement
    4. Exhibiting a “high degree of ethical and professional conduct”
    5. Apply for membership with a CFA Institute member society

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