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Fitch Learning offers a range of free study resources to help candidates who are preparing for a CFA® Program exam. Enhance your prep with our variety of useful tools, sample lectures, helpful PDFs and topic videos (more coming soon) and enter that exam hall feeling confident.

Useful Tools

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Watch our latest information session for useful tips on the exams and how Fitch Learning can help you through the journey of the CFA® Program. Try our online portal for free. Gain access to a Quants methods study session where you can explore videos, tests and more. Complete our online challenge to test your knowledge and suitability for the program to discover if you are ready to begin your prep.

Sample Lectures

Sample Lecture - Level I

Sample Lecture - Level II

Sample Lecture - Level III

Explore the basic features of Fixed Income Security. This lecture looks at bond indenture and the associated considerations. Learn about pricing a forward contract and the law of one price in this Derivative Instruments, Valuation and Strategies lecture. Introducing Asset Allocation. Expect to learn about investment objectives and their impact, risk factors, and more.

Helpful PDFs

Study Map

FRA Formula Sheet

Revision Tips

Created by our expert instructors, this helpful study guide tells you the best topic order to follow to maximize your chances of success. Use this handy Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA) cheatsheet to get to grips with the key formulas you need to know. Download our guide to discover the best way to approach your the final stages of your prep and boost your confidence before the exam.



Level I - 10 Most Difficult Areas

Level II and Level III - Item Set Tips


Created by our expert faculty, this article breaks down the trickiest areas in Level I CFA Program exam prep, focusing on the key topics to master. This article highlights the key difference between Level I and Level II and Level III and the importance of item sets and how to approach them.  


Topic Videos


Calculator Guide



Get to grips with your Texas BAII Calculator with this useful workshop and discover the essential tips and tricks you need to know.    
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