Consolidate your knowledge in the run up to the exam with the new online learning tool, QBank. It will enable you to enhance your studies, with the ability to determine where you focus your practice. Build quizzes on whatever Topic, Study Session or Reading you like, with 3,000+ questions for Level I, 2,500+ for Level II and 1,500+ for Level III. Choose the quiz length, monitor your results and build your confidence ahead of the exam. 


Build your own quiz

Create your own tests with the ability mix and match Topics, Study Sessions or Readings, this tool enables you to direct your focus on areas you may need to work on. Select questions you haven't yet answered or generate a randomly selected sample. Optimize your time and fit the quizzes around your day, by choosing the number of questions you would like to include. 


Manage your quiz bank

Create as many quizzes as you like, which are housed in the "My Quizzes" section of QBank. This section offers the option to create quizzes and save them for later. From here, you will be able to start, pause, resume or take the same quiz twice.


Monitor your progress

QBank updates as you complete your quizzes so you can track your proficiency in each of the areas. Benchmark your progress against the pre-defined target proficiency level and benefit from a performance breakdown at reading-level for a better understanding of where you should put your efforts.


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