We know that the size of the CFA Program curriculum can make it seem like a daunting prospect to tackle. That's why our global team of expert, full-time instructors are on hand to support you through every step of the program.


Global Instructor Helpdesk

Benefit from support with the Global Instructor Helpdesk in Fitch Learning Cognition. Ask our expert team questions about the curriculum or exam and recieve a response from our instructor faculty.


One-to-One Consultation

We're here for you every step of the way. If you're feeling overwhelmed or have fallen behind, you can contact one of our instructors. They all know what it's like and will help you overcome any challenges.


Formal Mentoring

At four stages throughout the program you'll receive a call from one of our exam mentors to discuss your progress. Our adaptive portal can provide insight on your learning which can help inform the call.


Instructor Focus Messages

Explore useful tips and advice from our global instructor team, posted on your online portal to help keep you on track.

Download a sample of our study resources