We offer a range of study materials for the CFA® Program:

Adaptive Online Study Portal

Whether you study in class or online, you will gain immediate access to our adaptive portal, Fitch Learning Cognition. With 3000+ questions, bite-size videos, study notes, mocks, and more, the portal has everything you need to pass.

Assigned CFA Program Curriculum

Written by CFA Institute these readings are included as part of your registration fee. They are full of practical examples and written by some of the most respected academics in the field. We recommend that you get the electronic and hard copy versions.


Fitch Learning Study Plans

Optimize your prep time with our personalized study schedule. The portal uses adaptive technology to allocate your time efficiently and help you focus on the right topics at the right time. Simply enter your start date and the portal will do the rest.


Classroom PowerPoint Slide Pack

We dedicate more than 240 days per year to updating our CFA Program course materials and question banks across the three levels. Summary notes, slides, useful diagrams, and tables are all provided in this portable course slide pack.

Final Countdown

All our instructors have experience sitting the exams. They have prepared a full revision guide with must-know equations, key concepts and their top tips for taking the exam.

Your choice of additional study materials

There are many publishers offering exam preparation material designed to focus specifically on LOS. One of the most popular is Schweser, which you can choose to purchase along with your Fitch Learning CFA Program course.

Download a sample of our study resources